Minor Breaking API Change: /order


For clarity, we are making a minor change to the return type of order cancelation requests. This likely will not affect you. Because it is potentially breaking, the change will be made next week, Friday 27 May at 14:00 UTC.

This change is already live on Testnet.

The changes are:

  • When canceling orders, and the orders are found but already canceled, the response code will now be 200, not 404, as the orders are indeed canceled.
  • If absolutely no orders matching the filter or IDs are found, /order/cancel/ and /order/cancelAll will continue to return a 404.
  • /order rejections for single orders will now correctly send a 400, not a 200. As with bulk orders, the order will be returned in the error’s meta value.
    • This was regarded as a bug as bulk orders correctly sent 400 responses.