It’s Live: Crypto’s First-Ever Perpetual FX Contract

Today’s the day. A new breed of crypto derivative – the perpetual FX contract – is now live and ready for trading.

It’s an addition that means users can now capitalise on the price movements of some of the most popular foreign exchange (FX) pairs 24/7 – even when the forex market is closed. What’s more, users can post margin – and profit – exclusively in Bitcoin (XBT) and USDT (ERC-29) terms – with up to 50x leverage.

The introduction of FX contract listings is all part of our ongoing focus to enhance the versatility and accessibility of our platform. That’s why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to broaden our range of contracts and spot trading pairs – and offer crypto derivatives products that allow users to trade different currencies and commodities.

Click here to start trading FX perps today, or read our blog for the 101 on crypto’s first-ever forex contracts.