Important Changes to Zcash Futures Fair Price Marking

Effective Friday 4th November 12:00 UTC, the December Zcash Futures Contract, ZECZ16, will move from Last Price marking to Fair Price marking. The Index Price will reference the spot ZEC/BTC Poloniex price.

ZECZ16 Fair Price Marking

Fair Price marking will be used on ZECZ16 so as to avoid unnecessary liquidations. The Fair Price is calculated by comparing where traders are currently quoting on the Futures market and its underlying Index Price. The Index Price will be the last traded price for ZEC/BTC on the reference spot exchange, Poloniex.

Switching over from Last Price marking to Fair Price marking will not result in a sudden movement in the Mark Price.

Further information about Fair Price Marking can be read here.

Max Price Raised to 100 XBT on All Altcoin Products

The previously imposed maximum price of 10 XBT will be raised to a 100 XBT maximum price across all Altcoin products.