Frontend Update: Jan 30, 2017

We have another round of updates for this week!

  • Feature (Mobile): Changing leverage on mobile now requires confirmation, so you can’t accidentally change it while scrolling:
  • Feature: All number inputs now support the following convenient shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+up/down: Move the input up/down by 10x the normal tick.
    • Shift+up/down: Move the input up/down by 100x the normal tick.
    • You can combine ctrl and shift to move by 1000x, you madman:
  • Feature (Mobile): We’ve rearranged the panels to make them easier to use. Most importantly, the order book is now just below the order input.
    • We’ll be focusing on mobile more in the future, since it seems this smartphone thing is really catching on.
  • Feature: When your chart gets stuck, or full of indicators, or you just want to punish it, the Reset Chart option when right-clicking the canvas actually works now! It didn’t before, because of reasons.
  • Internal: We completely rewrote the data handling code, which had remained mostly intact since 2014. We sometimes send very complex deltas from the websocket. The average such message now takes only 0.2ms to process, down from as much as 7ms!
    • Other data operations have been sped up from 50x to 1000x.
      • That’s a lot.
    • This will help keep BitMEX responsive even in Chrome 56, which will aggressively throttle applications. Improved idle CPU usage will help us keep your computer cooler and our notifications firing.
  • Internal: Various bugfixes and tweaks, especially in the Trade History.
  • Business Development: We might have added a few extra words to the chat filter.