Free Trading for BitMEX Integrations

BitMEX has sunset this program and will not redeem requests made after February 20, 2018. Please see the below links for BitMEX open-source projects.

BitMEX is more than just a website; it is a powerful, fully-featured exchange API.

Starting today, BitMEX is offering a full six months of fee-free trading to any developer who writes a new, useful program that connects to the BitMEX API and releases the code to the public on GitHub. Simply email us with a link to your project when you complete it.

This offer is also applicable to any quality pull request integrating BitMEX with any existing trading bots or analytics platforms.

If you are building a private project, email us. We can offer aggressive discounts depending on the type of integration.

Why integrate with BitMEX? BitMEX offers the most complete API in the business, with feature-complete HTTP and WebSocket endpoints offering powerful, real-time data. The BitMEX API is more powerful than traditional Bitcoin exchange APIs, offering developers full access to all BitMEX functions, including real-time trade data, account creation, deposits, withdrawals, trading, and far more. In fact, every single resource used on the BitMEX website is exposed via our API. Think of the BitMEX website as only one of many possible interfaces to the world’s most powerful crypto derivatives platform.

We want to encourage programmers to write tools for this powerful platform and to utilize the power that the BitMEX API offers.

Want to get started? Check out our Documentation first and try out API Explorer, which is fully Swagger compliant.

Having trouble? Email us. Our engineers are here to help.

For reference, here is a list of resources: