BitMEX Update: June 27, 2016

Hello Traders,

Another week, another round of changes. We’re going to post these more often and keep you on top of what’s changing on the BitMEX platform, and what our near-term and long-term development goals are.

Landed this week and late last week:

  • The Orderbook now shows all levels when fullscreened!
    • For API consumers, this is done via the efficient orderBookL2 subscription.
    • Due to the optimization of this data, idle bandwidth usage of the trading dashboard has been cut by nearly 50%.
  • Withdrawals may now be canceled via the Wallet Page, even if confirmed. For example, if you submit a withdrawal at 01:00 UTC and decide you want to do some more trading, you can easily cancel the withdrawal and your fund will be instantly returned.
    • Note that once processing has started at 13:00 UTC, the withdrawal cannot be canceled.
  • The Funding History page can now be filtered.
  • The Wallet Page now shows an easy-to-read display of positions that are pending a rebalance or settlement.
  • The current UTC time is now shown on the top-right of the page at all times.
  • We’ve added a new error handling modal. If, for whatever reason, your trading dashboard throws an error, you will be prompted to give us more context so we can quickly fix the bug. Please use it if you have any issues!
  • Lots of performance and stability upgrades.

As always, if you have issues, please feel free to email support or yell at us in the Trollbox.