BitMEX Update April 26, 2016

Traders – we have a big one today.

Roughly 7000 lines of changes in the API, Frontend & Trading Engine separate this release from our last release on April 10.

New features in this release:

  • Trailing Stops in the UI
  • Expanded Calculator with more convenient access
  • Expanded Session Length. Tired of BitMEX logging you out when you close the tab? Go to your Account page and uncheck Safe Session Length. Your sessions will always last 24 hours, regardless of activity.
    • In a soon-to-be-released update, we will offer up to month-long sessions, given integration with Clef on your phone. Stay tuned.
  • Added MarketIfTouched and LimitIfTouched order types to the API.
  • Bugfix: Adjust /chat offsets to account for previously deleted / spam messages. Thanks @j8.
  • Bugfix: Properly broadcast liquidation:delete messages out of the websocket. Thanks @j8.
  • Show Rebalance and Funding (as part of the new P2P swap) in the default execution filter.
  • Chat: Add :bitmex: emoji.
  • Assorted reliability and performance updates, including a major performance update to the UI. You should see CPU usage roughly halved while BitMEX is active.

As always, we’re receptive to your comments and improvement suggestions. Stay tuned as we finalize and launch Clef two-factor and our unique P2P swaps in the coming weeks!