BitMEX Hosts Bitcoin Arbitrage Webinar

In conjunction with David Moskowitz of Coin Republic, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes will be hosting a webinar covering Bitcoin arbitrage trading strategies. The webinar will take place on Monday 27 October 2014 at 20:00 Eastern Standard Time.

Topics covered include:

  • Cash Exchange Arbitrage
  • Futures vs. Spot Arbitrage
  • Covered Interest Rate Parity
  • BitMEX Derivative Contracts

Arthur will explain how traders can employ these simple strategies and make Bitcoin volatility work for their portfolio.Coin Republic has more details on the webinar. 

Materials for the Webinar

If you have not already done so, please visit the BitMEX Testnet and set up an account. Arthur will demonstrate how to properly execute these strategies using BitMEX derivative contracts. 

Please download the Arbitrage Pricing Excel Spreadsheet so that you may follow along. Arthur will describe the math behind the strategies step by step.