Arriving Tomorrow: Fee Changes, Better Discounts, and More Maker Incentives

From tomorrow at 00:00 UTC, a new fee structure will apply to all derivatives trades on BitMEX – bringing with it more BMEX Token rewards and better incentives for makers.

In addition to volume incentives for lower fees or maker rebates, trading fee discounts await users who: 

  • Stake their BMEX Tokens for Fee Discounts 
  • Participate in our VIP programme 
  • Participate in our monthly maker incentive scheme

All of these discounts are applicable and can be combined, up to a minimum Taker Fee of 0.0175% and a maximum rebate of 0.0125%.

Note: Makers and takers will continue to enjoy zero fees on all spot trades until further notice.

For the full breakdown on our fee changes, and what they mean for you, read our blog. If you have any questions, please contact Support