The Upper Limit of Accelerated Withdrawals has Been Increased to 0.5 BTC per Transaction

We previously announced the phased roll-out of our risk-weighted, accelerated Bitcoin withdrawal process – giving users the option to withdraw small amounts of Bitcoin (initially 0.01 BTC) on an hourly basis, rather than waiting for our once-per-day withdrawal process at 13:00 UTC.

From now, we’ve increased the transaction limit of hourly withdrawals to 0.5 BTC, falling back to our once-per-day withdrawal process for larger withdrawals, or those that require further manual review. Over the coming weeks, we will be making incremental increases to the transaction limit of accelerated withdrawals until we reach a limit of 5 BTC. We’ll be communicating these updates as they happen via socials and site announcements.

Please rest assured that our top priority is, and always will be, to protect our platform and users’ funds. Therefore, the once-per-day BTC withdrawal process will continue to apply to larger withdrawals or those that require additional security screening. Note that:

  • Withdrawal acceleration is handled on a first-come, first-served basis. To manage risk, the acceleration service applies only to smaller Bitcoin withdrawals, and in any given 24-hour period it is possible that funds in our Hot Wallet may be depleted. If this happens, remaining withdrawals will be processed at 13:00 UTC.
  • Withdrawal requests are subject to security screening that may prevent them from being accelerated. 
  • Confirmed withdrawals eligible for acceleration will be user-cancellable for a much shorter window. Withdrawals held over to the daily process remain user-cancellable until 13:00 UTC.

For further details on our new withdrawal process for smaller amounts of Bitcoin, read our blog. As always, if you have any questions you can contact Support.