Renewal of Calvin Kim’s Bitcoin Developer Grant

BitMEX has extended Calvin Kim’s Bitcoin developer grant until May 2023, a six month extension from the previous grant. This is the fourth consecutive time BitMEX has provided Calvin a grant and BitMEX continues to support his work on Utreexo for the long term.

Commenting on the grant, Calvin said:

I’d like to thank BitMEX for the continued support that they have given me throughout these years. BitMEX’s support, ever since I was a junior developer, has allowed me to grow and make novel contributions to the utreexo project. This renewal allows me to work towards a specification and implementation that can be reviewed by other contributors. I’m excited to continue my work and am grateful for BitMEX’s continued dedication and support for Bitcoin open source development.

BitMEX CEO Alexander Hoeptner made the following remarks:

This extension brings the BitMEX open source grant program into its fifth year. This long term funding provides open source developers like Calvin the stability they need, so that they can focus on their work and improve Bitcoin. BitMEX is the first cryptocurrency trading platform to support open source Bitcoin developers. We are delighted that the diversity of funding has improved considerably in these five years and we will continue to try and help push the ecosystem forwards.

On Friday 21 October 2022, the administrator of BitMEX’s open source grant program, will give more details about the program at a talk in Scotland, at the Bitcoin Collective conference. He will provide information about the history of Bitcoin developer funding and talk about the philosophy behind BitMEX’s grant program.

This grant is based on the open source template grant contract. BitMEX, the platform which invented the perpetual swap contract, is proud to support open source Bitcoin development and engineering, aimed at improving Bitcoin’s robustness, scalability and privacy.