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100x Group is the holding structure behind BitMEX, one of the largest crypto derivatives platforms in the world. 

The story of BitMEX is the story of crypto itself – the optimistic, visionary beginning, the explosion in popularity, the challenges, and ultimately, evolution as crypto is increasingly adopted by institutions and individuals alike.

We’re seeking the world’s best quants because we’re growing rapidly, investing prolifically, and transforming our business as we look to stay on the forefront of crypto innovation.

We believe the traditional financial ecosystem in place today is inefficient and inequitable. Our ambition is to reshape it so it is fit for the digital age: advanced, but with the inclusive and empowering features and technologies inherent to crypto.

We’re seeking talented quants who are applying their world-class skills in the traditional finance industry, but want to work in a setting that is far more entrepreneurial, exciting, and cutting edge. You’ll collaborate with our well-established team, many of whom cut their teeth in the traditional finance space. You’ll be at the forefront of the crypto industry from day one. 

If you are a talented quant, we want you to consider being part of this journey with us. Don’t miss out on your crypto career.

Apply to join us as our Head of Derivatives Quant or Derivatives Quant Analyst. Check out our other Financial Products job openings here.