New Fee Structure: Trading Fees Reduced, Insurance Fees

BitMEX has one of the fastest trading engines and the most complete API of any Bitcoin exchange online. To better leverage this strength, and the will of our customers, we are slashing our normal trading fee dramatically.

The new fee is 0.005% per trade, maker or taker. That’s a 100x reduction over the previous fee. We aim to make day trading and automated trading much more attractive, cutting the cost of trading to near zero.

BitMEX will now be charging an insurance fee on open positions of 0.015% per trading session. This fee offsets the risks taken on by BitMEX by guaranteeing settlements. In the case of trader bankruptcy, BitMEX covers all losses and will not charge traders for the bankruptcy of other traders. BitMEX is the only derivatives exchange that offers this. Existing accounts will not be charged this fee for the time being to allow time to adjust. We will give advance notice before this applies to your account.

If you are interested in using doing automated trading on BitMEX, please see our REST and Websocket API documentation. We also offer a reference Market Making Bot written in Python that works with both Access Tokens and permanent API keys.

We are working on a unified SDK that will add tooling for most major programming languages.

Happy trading.