Margin & Settlement in ETH has Arrived

BitMEX users now have a new way to trade their favourite perpetual and futures contracts on BitMEX – with margin and settlement now available in ETH.

It’s an addition designed to increase BitMEX’s versatility, and aligns with our ongoing focus to provide both existing and new users with margining options that extend beyond Bitcoin and Tether. 

Not only are ETH-margined perpetual swaps (ETHUSD_ETH) and futures (ETHUSDM22_ETH, ETHUSDU22_ETH) now available, you can also deposit ETH (or buy ETH via Spot, Convert, or Buy Crypto) into your BitMEX account. 

The introduction of ETH margining, follows this month’s launch of BitMEX Spot, allowing traders of all stripes to buy, trade, and sell crypto on our brand new, easy-to-use trading interface. Seven of the most popular cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin and ETH – are available to trade against USDT, with more on the way.

Until 17 July 2022, BitMEX Spot traders will be automatically entered into one of the space’s biggest sweepstakes competitions. For every USD$250 equivalent they trade in crypto, they’ll earn entry and the chance to win their share of a prize pool valued at over USD$1 million. For more on this competition and BitMEX Spot, check out all the details here

Just like ETH margining, there are plenty more changes to come as we work to enhance BitMEX – we look forward to seeing you on the platform.

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In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Support.