Deadline Passes for BitMEX Accelerated User Verification Programme

The 4 December 2020 00:00 UTC deadline for our User Verification Programme has passed and, as previously communicated, all BitMEX users now need to have verified in order to deposit, trade, modify open positions, or withdraw funds. 

What if I missed the deadline?

Existing users can still go through user verification. Trading and withdrawal restrictions will be lifted after verification is complete. 

How do I verify?

If you are an existing user, please visit All new users are required to verify before they can deposit and trade as part of our sign-up process. 

What if I haven’t verified, but I still have an open position? 

As noted in our previous communications, we will review any remaining open positions from unverified accounts and close these in an orderly manner. This applies to a small fraction of total open positions, as the vast majority of our users have already gone through verification. However, December 2020 Futures will expire on 25 December 2020 as normal.

Should you have any questions, please contact Support.