Now Live: Support for ADA, DOT and XTZ

We recently increased the number of crypto conversion options available on BitMEX – giving users the ability to convert USD Coin (ERC-20) into all of the coins and tokens we support – and vice versa.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve added support for three additional cryptocurrencies – ADA, DOT and XTZ – with more planned in the coming weeks. It’s an addition that also means we’ve now extended the number of networks supported by BitMEX, to include the Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), and Tezos (XTZ) chains.

To learn more about these new tokens and the additional support they now provide to crypto conversions at BitMEX, read on.

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Support for ADA, DOT and XTZ Conversions, Withdrawals, and Deposits

Today, we added support for three new cryptocurrencies – ADA, DOT and XTZ. This means that BitMEX users will now be able to:

  • Convert USDC and USDT into just under 30 cryptocurrencies – and vice versa – with no hidden fees. All crypto conversions on our platform happen instantly, so there’s no need to worry about slippage. 
    • This new addition means users can quickly and easily convert a wider range of cryptocurrencies into Tether, Ether, or Bitcoin, freeing up time to focus on trading XBT-, ETH-, or USDT-margined crypto derivatives and access spot trading pairs. 
  • Deposit and withdraw ADA, DOT and XTZ via their BitMEX Wallet (on top of BNB, AVAX, NEAR, SHIB, WBTC, MANA, SAND, CRO, XBT, ETH, UNI, SUSHI, AXS, LINK, MATIC, APE, TRX, SOL, USDT, DAI, AAVE, BUSD, FTM, and USDC). 
    • These additional deposit and withdrawal options give users the chance to HODL a wider range of coins and tokens.

What is ADA?

ADA is the native token of the Cardano blockchain, one of the fastest growing projects in the cryptocurrency space. It can be used to conduct peer-to-peer transfers across the globe.

What is DOT?

DOT is the native token of Polkadot, an open-source sharded multichain protocol that connects and secures a network of specialised blockchains, facilitating cross-chain transfer of any data or asset types (not just tokens) and allows blockchains to be interoperable with each other. DOT has three clear purposes: staking for operations and security, facilitating network governance, and bonding tokens to connect parachains.

What is XTZ?

The native token of the Tezos blockchain is XTZ – or Tez. It’s used to interact with dApps, pay for fees, secure the network through staking, and provide a basic accounting unit on the Tezos platform. Tezos is based on smart contracts – similar to Ethereum but aims to be more advanced, by evolving and improving with time, without the danger of a hard fork. 

Coming Soon: More Crypto Conversion Options and Derivatives Listings

In the coming weeks, more cryptocurrencies will continue to arrive on our platform. So stay tuned. 

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In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Support.