Introducing Deep Market Analysis on BitMEX with Cignals 

We’re excited to announce that Cignals, a leading provider of volumetric charts and visualisation tools for institutional flow and market directions, has joined the BitMEX Partner Programme. This collaboration represents a major milestone in our ongoing mission to provide exceptional resources to the trading community to transform their interaction with the markets. 

By integrating Cignals with BitMEX, users can access a range of comprehensive visualisation tools to depict market liquidity through analysis of market depth and footprint charts.

On the partnership, Ethan Martin, Head of Partnerships at BitMEX, commented, “The Cignals integration offers an industry-leading solution to volumetric charts and visualisation of institutional flow and directions. This, paired with the order routing software being developed,will provide users with great tools to trade based on depth of market, footprint charts, and proprietary indicators (such as edge imbalances) allowing for visualisation of the delta, volume, and direction of trades. We are committed to enhancing our users’ trading experience, and this partnership is a testament to that commitment.”

YoungWallSt, Co-Founder of added, “The collaboration between BitMEX and Cignals is a natural fit, combining BitMEX’s established authority in perpetual futures markets with Cignals’ cutting-edge position in order flow analytics since 2017. We look forward to working together with BitMEX and continuing to deliver world-class trading tools that will empower the next generation of traders worldwide.”

Through the collaboration, users can now access the following features: 

  • Advanced Volumetric Charting: Access to detailed charts showcasing volume, order flow, and market sentiment.
  • Institutional Flow Insights: Gain an understanding of the institutional movements that drive market directions.
  • Depth of Market (DOM) Analysis: Access enhanced tools to visualise the depth of market data, helping traders to see beyond the surface. Cignals offers a high-performance DOM that shows real-time order pulling/stacking, imbalances, and liquidations giving traders an edge when scalping on higher leverage. 
    • Tape (T&S): The time and sales (tape) that Cignals has developed shows strength and weakness via colour-gradient delta bars that can be filtered in several unique ways to perfectly pair with the Depth of Market analysis traders rely on daily. This combination (Tape and DOM) works together in harmony to give active traders the edge they need in ever-changing market conditions.
  • Footprint Chart Visualisation: Detailed footprint charts to track the delta, volume, and direction of trades, providing a deeper insight into market dynamics.

Additionally, the months to come will welcome further features as a result of the integration, as well as reward benefits to those who trade on BitMEX via Users can expect enhanced order execution capability to execute their trades on BitMEX directly via

About Cignals

Cignals is a cutting-edge volumetric charting platform which helps its users understand how order flow impacts Bitcoin and crypto markets. Cignals was developed to fill the void in traditional, professional-grade order flow tools for Bitcoin and crypto-native assets. Since 2017, Cignals has evolved to include 1000s of tickers, has given users the ability to utilise their cutting edge API for backtesting and live trading purposes, as well as building custom applications. Additionally, the Cignals team has pioneered multiple proprietary indicators such as the edge imbalance, which shows areas of heavy liquidations/stop runs and custom order flow indication tools which measure order book pressure at any given moment in terms of sigma (to name a few). Our depth of market is second to none, and provides users with an immense amount of data that isn’t easily replicated anywhere else.

About the BitMEX Partner Programme

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