CEO Arthur Hayes To Speak On Bitcoin Derivatives At Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes will be speaking on the 25th of June from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM on Bitcoin derivatives and the current market structure.

Bitcoin Derivatives: What Are They? And Why We Need Them

While trading volumes on spot exchanges have risen dramatically since early 2013, the derivative market remains nascent and grossly underdeveloped. Many high profile figures in the Bitcoin community have been calling for a liquid derivatives market. This panel will examine what is meant by a Bitcoin derivative, the different uses of derivatives by different market participants, and the benefits to having a liquid and robust market. We will examine the current landscape of derivatives products and help attendees grasp the different uses and risks with trading different types of derivatives. We will also look to the established market of fiat currency derivatives to gauge what sort of market growth is needed to develop a healthy ecosystem.

Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong