Celebrating ETH’s Birthday with Fee Reductions on Our ETHUSD Products

Six years ago today, Vitalik Buterin and Dr. Gavin Wood introduced Ethereum to the world. With average daily transactions at more than one million and the second largest market cap, Ethereum has changed crypto forever. 

While we have a soft spot for bitcoin, we also love ETH and appreciate the role it plays in the crypto space. In honour of Ethereum’s birthday, we are inviting traders to celebrate with us by updating our fee structure on all ETHUSD products from now until 29 August at 23:59 UTC! 

Here’s what will change:

  • Taker Fee: Reduced to 5bps from 7.5bps (2.5bps decrease)
  • Maker Rebate: Reduced to 1bps from 2.5bps (1.5bps decrease)

This applies to all ETHUSD products – the ETHUSD perpetual swap plus the ETHUSDU21 and ETHU21 futures.

If you aren’t a BitMEX user yet, don’t worry – our special offer is open to new traders too as long as you register during our celebration period. 

Register now to get in on the action. 

It’s a great time to be on BitMEX, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our growing community. 

Happy trading!