Introducing Bitcoin Magazine Pro’s “Contagion Report”, Sponsored by BitMEX

This blog presents an introduction to Bitcoin Magazine Pro’s latest report, entitled: ‘Contagion Report – June 2022.’ You’ll find the full report here.

Bear markets are for building, but also for learning lessons. If we add to our understanding of the crypto markets, we will be stronger for the next bull. Thanks to our partnership with Bitcoin Magazine, we are able to bring you some of the best insights – such as this piece on Bitcoin treasuries – in the business from experts Dylan LeClair and Sam Rule.

In this Bitcoin Magazine Pro special edition report, Dylan and Sam look into the contagion that has spread amongst counterparties in the cryptocurrency industry. The report details how the stage was set for the latest crisis, and details the actors, services, and investment vehicles that contributed to the liquidity/solvency crisis. 

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Enjoy the Contagion Report, and keep your eye out for more analysis coming to you from our combined BitMEX – Bitcoin Magazine team.

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