Deprecation of SimpleOrderQty functionality

Orders submitted using the simpleOrderQty field will no longer be supported from 12:00 UTC on Friday 26th October 2018. Any orders submitted using the simpleOrderQty field after this time will be rejected. Any existing open orders submitted using a simpleOrderQty will automatically be cancelled shortly after the above time.

Please further note that within the coming weeks updates via the Websocket API or GET requests to the REST API for the below fields will return a null value:

  • position: simpleQty, simpleCost, simpleValue, simplePnl, simplePnlPcnt
  • order: simpleOrderQty, simpleLeavesQty, simpleCumQty
  • execution: simpleOrderQty, simpleLeavesQty, simpleCumQty

These fields may also be removed entirely from these schemas at a future date. We will make another announcement before removing the fields entirely from the message schemas. We strongly recommend API users to update any clients that use these fields before the above deadline to avoid any disruption.