Update 1: Fees disabled, wash trading penalties

Commissions Removed

To encourage trading and API usage, we have lowered trading fees to 0 for all accounts, effective immediately.

We believe that this game presents a unique opportunity to build and test your trading algorithms; we offer a real, powerful market with an easy-to-use API (see docs) where you can trade against real, live people, but without the risk of spending real cash.  This is the perfect opportunity to write that trading algorithm you’ve always wanted to test. If you are having any trouble with our API please email us at support@bitmex.com.

We are accepting applications for designated market makers. Contact our CEO via email: arthur@bitmex.com. In the email please provide your Skype ID and phone number.


As we mentioned before there is only one thing we dislike and that is wash trading. We have one confirmed case and that user was fined 75 XBT. If we catch the same account twice, that trader will be banned.

Some shill accounts were used to create intentional margin calls, and some traders profited from this. We have no problem with profiting from circumstance, but our aim is for a competitive game for one month. Therefore, we have reindexed everyone with positive PNL in the first week. 25 XBT has been rationed proportionally between all traders with a positive PNL. If you have played by our one rule, your place in the leaderboard was not be affected. If you had a loss, your margin balance did not change.

Best of luck to all of our traders.