Gleb Naumenko

Bitcoin Developer Grant

Gleb Naumenko has been working on Bitcoin Core technologies since 2017.  His primary focus is security, privacy and scalability of the peer-to-peer layer. He is also interested in the Lightning Network and other protocols on top of Bitcoin.

Gleb usually makes his contributions via:

  • Direct changes and code review for Bitcoin Core and rust-lightning,
  • Broader Bitcoin-related protocol research (usually via modelling and simulations),
  • Collaborations with researchers from academic institutions, and
  • Talks for the Bitcoin community as well as broader academic communities.

Gleb is most known for Erlay, the bandwidth-efficient transaction relay protocol, which allows to significantly reduce the requirements to run a full node, and enable the security increase “for free”.

He also made a number of other improvements to the Bitcoin Core peer-to-peer protocols, mainly focused on making the network more robust to attacks and spying. Lately, his attention was partially focused on the protocols on top of Bitcoin. In June 2020 Gleb published a paper which explored time-dilation attacks on the Lightning network.

In future he is planning to keep working on the security and privacy of the core software, protocol analysis, advancing Bitcoin research and bringing attention to the open problems we have.

Gleb has been awarded a Bitcoin developer grant by HDR Global Trading Limited and it is based on the open source template grant contract.

Grant Dates Amount

June 2020