Unlocking 50x Leverage on DOGEUSDT Quanto Perpetual Swap

Following its successful launch in February, we will be reducing margin requirements and increasing available leverage on our DOGEUSDT quanto perpetual swap to 50x at 0600 UTC tomorrow, 29 June 2021.  

We’ve always been committed to innovating responsibly, and for us that means putting in robust controls for all our contracts so that traders can trade with confidence. Read on here for the technical details of the contract.

Unlocking of 50x leverage on DOGEUSDT comes amidst a flurry of new product launches on BitMEX in our Summer of Listings campaign, and we have further products launching soon. Stay tuned to our blog, Twitter, or join our Telegram channel for the latest updates.

Should you have any questions, please contact Support and we’ll be happy to help.

It just goes to show, every DOGE really does have its day. Happy trading.