Introducing Bitcoin Magazine Pro’s “Long Live Macro Report”, Sponsored by BitMEX

This blog presents an introduction to Bitcoin Magazine Pro’s latest report, entitled: ‘July Monthly Report: Long Live Macro.’ You’ll find the full report here.

With 2022 well past the halfway point, it is abundantly clear that long/short macro investing has come back with vengeance. Riding high following the stimulus-frenzied market of 2020/2021, 2022 has been characterised by soaring inflation, hawkish central bank monetary policy, cratering asset prices and increasing geopolitical tension between economic superpowers. 

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About the Report

In Bitcoin Magazine Pro’s latest monthly report, Dylan LeClair and Sam Rule dive into the dynamic macroeconomic landscape, which will use a multidimensional approach to analyze financial markets and economic data. Here’s a summary of the report’s contents:

Long Live Macro 

  • Risk Parity Correlation, Recession 
  • Inflation, Federal Reserve Policy
  • Global Indicators, Eurodollar Curve

Government Spending

  • Spending Percentage Of Tax Receipts 
  • Hyper-Financialization 
  • Net Worth, Negative Real Yields 


  • Compressed Valuations 
  • Rising U.S. Dollar Risk
  • Earnings Projections, PMI Slowdown 

Illiquidity And Volatility 

  • Credit Spreads, Unemployment
  • Extreme Tail Risks 
  • Central Bank Balance Sheets

Introducing: Bitcoin

  • Days Below Realized Price
  • Put/Call Options, Perps Funding 
  • Global M2 Growth 

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