Support For Limited-Access API Keys

We’ve been hard at work on BitMEX!

This week sees a round of new performance updates and optimization. The page should load more quickly and should perform more reliably.

A number of external software vendors are beginning to integrate BitMEX trading into their products. To that end, we have now launched limited-permission API keys so you can share access to your account with confidence.

Our full release notes:

  • API Keys now have a permissions field. By default, any API Keys created after September 23, 2015 are read-only keys.
    • At this time, two permissions are available: order and withdraw.
    • The order permission is required to create or delete any orders.
    • The withdraw permission is required to initiate a withdrawal. Withdrawals initiated from an API key do not require email confirmation, but a notification message will be emailed.
    • API keys still be used to change user preferences, reset passwords, create two-factor keys or create/delete/modify any other API keys.
  • Two-factor authentication can now be disabled via the Account panel without contacting support.

  • Rendering improvements in Windows, especially in IE.
  • Some tweaks to the basic trading UI to make relevant data more prioritized.