New Features: Easy Position Close, Last Price Stops, Close on Trigger Stops

This week has seen the addition of the following new UI features:

Easy Position Close: The positions list now has Close controls to make it simple to Limit or Market Close your position. Limit Close orders are tracked and can easily be controlled from this panel. When closing a position, all other orders in that instrument are canceled.

Note: The old “Close Limit” and “Close Market” order types have been removed for simplicity, as they are functionally equivalent to this new control.

Last Price Stops: Traditionally, Stops (Trigger Orders) execute based on the Mark Price, not the Last Traded Price, as liquidations are also executed based on the Mark Price. Triggering Stops based on Mark Price avoids stop hunters or being needlessly executed in low-liquidity swings. By popular demand, we have now defaulted to triggering stops based on Last Price as users found the previous behavior confusing. You can opt-in to the previous behavior by selecting “Mark Price Trigger”.

“Close on Trigger” Stops: “Close” orders are a special type of order that cancel all other orders on execution and can only reduce your position, not increase it. Use this type when you are setting a stop intending to close or reduce a position. By canceling other orders on trigger, this ensures that any existing close orders (such as a take profit / stop loss pair) are closed to ensure the stop executes as intended.

Note: In the near future we will be offering a simple “Stop Loss” order type, which will be functionally identical but will automatically detect the correct closing quantity based on your open position.

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