Clef Two-Factor is Live!

Great news – we’ve added support for logging in and registering via Clef, the unique two-factor app.

Some of you might already be using Clef on Bitfinex and other crypto sites. You can now use Clef on BitMEX very easily, which comes with a wealth of benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Compared to not using Two-Factor, Clef provides much-enhanced security. On Android, the app is guarded with a PIN code; on iOS, you have a choice of PIN or fingerprint.
  • Ease of use: No need to remember your username or password. Simply aim your phone at the screen and you’re ready.
  • Increased Session Length: You can choose your own session length via the Clef app, and force a logout from your phone at any time.
    • BitMEX’s normal maximum session length is 1 day. Via Clef, we allow up to 1 month!
  • Audit Log: View all historical logins via the Clef app.
  • Easy Registration: Creating a new BitMEX account requires only a simple scan with the Clef app. Not a single form entry is required!

Converting an existing account over to Clef is very simple. Simply log in as normal, go to your Account page, and choose Clef as a Two-Factor type. One quick scan with your phone and that’s it!